Privacy Policy

This policy statement provides information on the obligations and policies of Jebsen Travel Limited and its subsidiaries under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance"). may use the information in the aggregate for marketing and promotional purposes. We never share such personal identifying information with any third party. Jebsen Travel Limited may log visitors' IP addresses for the collection of aggregate information about site visitors and their interests. We do not link these IP addresses to personal identifying information such as a visitor's name and/or e-mail address. restricts the access to personal information. Only limited employees who need the information in order to do their jobs have the right to access. These employees are also committed to our privacy and security policies. Credit card information is encrypted for security.

All collection and/or storage and/or transmission and/or usage of personal data by the Company shall be processed in accordance with the obligations and requirements of the Ordinance.

Collection of Personal Data

For the purpose of registration & administration of the travel products and reservation services, you may be requested to provide some personal data including but limited to the following; otherwise it may not be possible to satisfy your request.

  1. Passenger(s) name
  2. Contact person, telephone number, correspondence address or email address
  3. Payment details including credit card information
  4. Information for the verification of identity, including identification number
  5. Your age
  6. Gender

Your information may be also be used for marketing or promotional purposes.